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Shellter Hotel & Apartments

Shellter Hotel & Apartments is an apartment and hotel complex consisting of a total of 730 premises: 500 apartments and 230 hotel rooms in **** standard.

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Unique design

The architecture of this investment is characterized by simplicity of the form and elegance of the detail created by Głębowski Studio, an architectural studio esteemed in Poland and recognized in many industry contests. The high natural values and varied topography allow creating extremely cosy facilities that interpenetrate with the surrounding nature. The colours of the complex: graphite, grey, beige and white reflect the environment - tree trunks, grasses in the dunes, or sand colour on the beach. The combination of simple forms with natural finishing materials such as wood and stone creates a unique complex with a unique character and atmosphere. The design includes large glazing which allows the nature to penetrate the spacious interiors of the apartments.

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Shellter Hotel & Apartments

  • The best investment in property: direct access to the sea and the lake, proximity of the resort in Kołobrzeg
  • Unique location on a national level: the best occupancy rates in season and out of it, the most attractive tourist district in Poland
  • Unique combination of the privacy of an apartment with the luxury of a hotel
  • Unlimited access to the extensive hotel facilities
  • The investment was created for the comfort of entire families: it includes separate areas for children and separate cosy spaces for entertainment, and rest for adults.
  • Unique nature
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Dr Krzysztof Ziarnek

In view of its location, Shellter Hotel & Apartments is an exceptional investment. The coastal pine forest where it is located has special health properties thanks to e.g. phytoncides specific to these forests, detoxification and microbiological effects, air ionization, and suppression of noise that torments the population of big cities every day. The coastal pine forest where the complex is situated also has anti-septical and calming effects, helping to decrease blood pressure and strengthen immunity. For these reasons a holiday spent by the sea in a coastal forest can be compared to a stay in a health resort.

Thanks to its unique location, Shellter Hotel & Apartments provides the opportunity to enjoy contact with well-preserved nature. The building of the complex was deliberately carried out so that the seaside flora and fauna did not suffer during the works. Thanks to this, you can relax here and at the same time admire species of plants specific to the coast, including black crowberry, to which the local forests owe their name, Pomeranian honeysuckle, Swedish whitebeam, or sand sedge. Another advantage of the Shellter Hotel & Apartments’ location is that it makes a stroll to the sea a journey through the white and grey dune. The names are associated with the colour of the sand - it’s light in the white dune, while the gray one contains a thin layer of humus, which is why the sand has a shade of grey. The white dune is younger and is adjacent to a wide beach. It is overgrown with grass specific to it - blue dune and sandpit. More species can be seen on the grey dune, including, e.g. a delicate sand willow and an orchid - a dark red helleborine. Shellter Hotel & Apartments is a luxury of living close to nature and enjoying it.

Krzysztof Ziarnek, natural sciences Ph.D, researcher and promoter of West Pomeranian flora, author of several dozen scientific and popular science publications on the subject, also in the scope of history of botanical studies and environmental protection.

Lech Chudy

Each investment - big or small - is important and special for us. When working at a particular undertaking we always do our best to execute it according to the highest standards, make sure it satisfies its future users and is pleasing to the eye of everybody who sees it. For us, the Shellter Hotel & Apartments complex is a challenge, since the investment is being carried out in a specific place, between the sea and the lake, on an exceptionally valuable natural area, which until recently was not available to members of the public. This unique nature is what we would like to preserve for our purchasers and guests. We believe that in the future this will make holidays in Shellter Hotel & Apartments an exceptional experience which will provide our guests with rest, relaxing the body and the soul.

Execution of such a big investment in such a unique area will not be easy, but we like tough challenges. They provide us with greater satisfaction from a job well done, allowing us to feel the taste of contentment and pride. We strongly believe that our investment will enter the list of places most-valued by the amateurs of holidays at the Polish seaside.

Tomasz Głębowski

When designing the Shellter Hotel & Apartments in Rogowo, from the very beginning we put the greatest emphasis on the preservation of the natural beauty of this place. This resulted in a unique apartment and villa architecture of the highest standard.

The investment is situated in a wooded area between the sea coast and the lake. All of the facilities fit into the existing topography and are situated in a way that provides maximum privacy and comfort to their inhabitants.

The buildings are simple forms, made of high-quality materials, and their colours and finishes reflect the elements of their surrounding environment, such as pine trees, grass, dunes. The architecture of the facilities is made up of interpenetrating planes, providing functional terraces at the same time. The greenery almost enters into the spacious interiors of the apartments through large glazing. It seems to be at your fingertips - everything to make sure that the holidaymakers will be able to enjoy the nature all the time.

The entire complex provides a very wide range of services - there are apartments, a hotel with an outdoor and indoor swimming pool as well as a spa & wellness zones, cafes and restaurants. The design includes walking paths and a boulevard along the dunes, which will be an additional recreational advantage.

The combination of high-class architecture and a place of extraordinary natural values allowed to create an exceptional and unique investment on the Polish coast.

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